On Modern Quality Spanish Digital Press and the Headings in its Context

The 1st part of the article touches upon the adequacy of usage of the British term “quality” in relation to the Spanish digital press, shows its general characteristics and special features. The 2nd part is devoted to different classifications of the headings by their syntactical type, structure and semantics. The overall conclusion is made that all the modern headings comply with the main grammatical rules of La RAE.

Typology of Intertextual References of a Television Film as Text

The article considers a television film as a text and its verbal component as being of primary importance, which allows adopting a philological approach to studying the vertical context and intertextual references as the main objects. The article aims at researching the structure of the vertical context of a television film based on the typology of intertextual references and their referents.

On ‘Shrinking’ of Regions

In the scope of area studies as integrated science it seems possible to develop a number of ‘shrinking’ regions’ future development strategies considering their special characteristics. Herewith, it is important to allocate not only global patterns of the process, but also to highlight regional peculiarities.