Realization of Discourse Markers in American Talk Show Discourse

Функционирование дискурсивных маркеров в американском дискурсе ток-шоу

by Kseniia Kharitonova

Харитонова Ксения Сергеевна

Chelyabinsk State University
Faculty of Linguistics and Translation

Челябинский государственный университет
Факультет лингвистики и перевода


The article is devoted to the interaction of Russia and Latin America by strengthening cultural ties, education of the population of these countries. Data on the knowledge of the population and their interest in cultural exchange is provided on the basis of sociological research (survey). The article substantiates the advantages of mutual cooperation, examples of ways to strengthen ties.

Key words: discourse markers, functions, talk show discourse, multifunctionality


Discourse markers is a distinctive feature of conversational discourse. Sometimes referred to as discourse connectives they represent a pragmatic class of lexical expressions that signal a relationship between the segment they introduce and the prior segment. Through the semi-institutional role that talk show discourse performs, we noticed that DMs abound in spontaneous speech. Mostly used for cohesion, they occur in oral discourse and serve to frame or organize a conversation, assist in turn-taking, mark changes in topic and many more. In most cases, by fulfilling multiple functions discourse markers let the speakers express their general attitude towards life and other people.

Ключевые слова: дискурсивные маркеры, функции, дискурс ток-шоу, полифункциональность

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by Kseniia Kharitonova